Future Reads

These are books I plan on reading in the relatively near future – this is where suggestions from all of you would be GREAT!!! I have a feeling that this list may get pretty extensive.

1. Pride and Predjudice and Zombies – Seth Grahame-Smith FINISHED!

2. Son of a Witch, A Lion Among Men, and Out of Oz – Gregory Maguire

3. One of Our Thursdays is Missing – Jasper Fforde

4. Ape House – Sara Gruen [Courtesy of Mitzi and Grace Hinton! : )]

5. Water for Elephants – Sara Gruen

6. The Lymond Chronicles – Dorothy Dunnet (This is a series of 6 books – it’s historical history, which sort of interests me, so we’ll see. If I’m not a fan of #1 Game of Kings, I probably won’t continue reading) – NOPE, Couldn’t get into the first one.

7. Brisingr and Inheritance – Christopher Paolini

8. The Historian – Elizabeth Kostova

9. Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff – Christopher Moore

10. The Great Typo Hunt: Two Friends Changing the World, One Correction at a Time  – Jeff Deck and Benjamin D. Herson

11. The Hunger Games – Suzanne Collins

12. The Poisonwood Bible – Barbara Kingsolver

13. Catch 22 – Joesph Heller

14. How Starbucks Saved My Life: A Son of Privilege Learns to Live Like Everyone Else – Michael Gates Gill

15. 1984 – George Orwell

Fifteen seems like a nice number to start (Yes, I know I cheated by listing multiple books on some numbers, get over it). Any suggestions are appreciated! 🙂

16. Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (and other concerns) – Mindy Kaling [If you don’t know, Mindy Kaling is Kelly Kapur on The Office and also a writer of the show. I read a brief excerpt from the book, and I’m pretty excited to read more. I don’t sense that the Nashville Library will have this book though, but I may be surprised!]


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