Books for 2012 – Jan 04, 2012

I think I’m going to compile a list of books that I read in 2012. As I do this, if you would like for me to write an in-depth review of one, just ask, and I will do my best. Overall, I’m not going to write reviews though. Technically, I’m beginning this list with books I’ve read since Thanksgiving, and going from there.

The Maze Runner – James Dashner
The Scorch Trials – James Dashner
Catching Fire – Suzanne Collins
Mockingjay – Suzanne Collins
1. Water for Elephants – Sara Gruen

Yesterday I picked up, The Death Cure by James Dashner, Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk, and Modelland by Tyra Banks. (yes, you read that correctly)

I also have a collection of books at the house I’m hoping to get through soon.

Happy 2012. I think I want to read at least 100 books this year. So far I have 1 – not bad for the fourth day of the year.



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