I’m not very good at blogging

Here’s the thing. Once I finish a book, I don’t really want to blog about it. In Fact, I just want to start a new book.

For instance, since I finished Pride and Predjudice and Zombies, I’ve finished The Monsters of Templeton by Lauren Groff, Ape House by Sara Gruen, and the Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins.

These three books were all incredible, and COMPLETELY different. I couldn’t put any of them down, so, that’s that.

I probably won’t blog, but I’ll keep you all updated on books that I’ve read that I think you should, and books that you should just skip over.

Any of the three above are excellent. I cannot tell you how much reading these three makes me excited to read other books by these authors.

I think my next book is Brisgner by Christopher Paoulini.


2 thoughts on “I’m not very good at blogging

  1. I am slightly disappointed by this. I just finished a book and was hoping for some reviews since I knew you had read several books recently.

    • I’ll work on it then. But I do recommend Ape House – Sara Gruen, and The Monsters of Templeton – Lauren Groff. They are both set in Modern times. Ape House is really different, and The Monsters of Templeton focuses on a woman’s search into her family past and all the secrets (and infidelities) that have been concealed over the years.

      Read them.

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