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The first part of this post is a BOOYAH post, the second part has to do with books, so don’t get all confused on me and stop reading!!!


David makes fun of me a lot because I’m on Facebook. He was on Facebook when we started dating but then realized he spent way too much time online, and he realized that time could be spent doing something else. Things like writing songs, making dinner :), killing zombies, and building a pretty kick-ass studio in our basement. So he deleted his account. Recently he joined back up, but only so that he could enter a sweepstakes to win some gear, and he fully intends to delete his account once the giveaway is over.

He would go on rants/raves/extremely descriptive discussions about how I would spend time on there and not with him. He kept trying to get me to delete mine. I use Facebook for its intended use (and occasionally play games, yes, I’ll admit it). I connect with sorority sisters from across the state of TN. I was able to become an advisor at APSU, and stay connected without having to put forth much effort. It has been great for keeping in touch with Kate, who decided the West Coast was for her. Now, I don’t use Facebook as my sole means of communication for the people I love – which is what everyone fears Facebook is leading to. The people I love get texts, phone calls, even emails and letters from me occasionally, but Facebook is an easy way to keep in touch with people that are in KOREA and such.

Facebook has a final reason that makes it pretty darn awesome. It is responsible for making sure I’m aware of events that are happening around town and with my friends.

This final reason is why David cannot give me any shit about Facebook for a whole week (I may make this period longer too, since he was so damn excited). Yesterday, I was chillin’ on the book – haha, slang – and I saw a status update from Robert Ellis saying that he would be playing a FREE show at the Billy Reid store in Green Hills. So we went and David had a marvelous time, so BOOYAH!, Facebook is helpful if used correctly. So we saw a free show – with free bourbon and beer – and had a grand ol’ time in Nashville.
If you like country/folk and emotional song writing, PLEASE check out Robert Ellis!!! He’s a 22 year old songwriter from Houston, TX, and he’s great. Also, he’s a really nice guy, which I learned when I met him the other night!

Facebook shows me lots of things that happen in Nashville, since I’ve “Liked” The Nasvhille Scene, as well as Lightning 100, which are a local magazine and independent radio, respectively. Due to Facebook, I learned that The Southern Festival of Books is in Nashville THIS WEEKEND! Also, it’s free! So there is a chance that I will go to that, though, I can’t imagine David would have that much fun with me. The idea of a Festival of Books just makes me really happy, regardless of if I go.


Currently Reading:Pride and Predjudice and Zombies – Jane Austen and Seth Grahame-Smith


One thought on “Social Media

  1. Another cool social media story happened on Amazing Race this season. One of the teams left their passport at a gas station on the very first leg and someone who was at the gas station noticed. He posted to twitter that he was just on TV for amazing race and that he found some passports. A friend told him to hurry to the airport to get the passports to them. So just when they thought they were done for, their name was called over the loudspeaker and they got their passports back. Your story just made me think of that.

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