Coming Soon!

I’m working on getting the hang of Word Press. I had a blog at blogspot, *and it is fun*, if you are interested, but I’ve deleted every post but one. So, it’s not that entertaining. It’s not even a post that I wrote that’s left. Lame. So getting used to Word Press is a bit of a process.

So, my friend Emily Emadian starting writing a blog, which sort of was the inspiration for me writing a blog, but she has a lot more going on her life so she has more stories to tell. Therefore her blog is about her life and stuff, but I don’t really plan on having that much personal stuff on here. You can check out her blog here.

The plan for this blog is to talk about books that I’ve read, reading or plan to read. I would love to get suggestions from all of you as well. I’ll eventually add a “Future Reads” list, but I have to figure out how to do that next.

I’m not going to summarize books when I write though, so there won’t be too many spoiler alerts. I’m honestly not even sure what sort of format my posts will take yet, but spoiler alerts will not be part of the format.

So, until I’m able to get an actual post up about books, this is what you’ll get!


Currently Reading: Lost by Gregory Maguire


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